teen titansTeen Titans Go! is a silly show about a group of super heroes doing mostly un-heroic things. Like any super heroes, they need to stay in shape – here they are schooled on the importance of leg day. Nothing profound here, just some silly fun.

Two things: this was the only link to watch the episode that I could find which didn’t cost money and wasn’t illegal. I had some trouble with it though – many layers of awkward javascript and some nonsense about a login. It’s not available on Netflix or anywhere else that doesn’t charge on a per-episode basis. I apologize in advance if you struggle with it, the show is good despite the Cartoon Network’s head-in-ass syndrome regarding media distribution.

The other thing is that I had originally posted this to reddit, not thinking of it as something for the site. Because… it’s not a video game? Bleh. I started the site partly in acknowledgement that good media comes in many forms from many sources. Expect more of this.