Lakeview Cabin – let’s call it puzzle horror

lakeview cabin“Survival Horror” is an odd label, given the games that it describes. Not that it’s inaccurate, there’s certainly survival and horror going on, but it was originally applied to Resident Evil, which is basically a weird puzzle game. “In order to open the next door, you must find a specific piece of music to fit into this player piano…” It’s something which I would not be surprised to see in Day of the Tentacle, and yet there it is. Just with more zombies.

I’m not bringing this up for any particular reason. Lakeview Cabin is lovely. It’s not large, but it’s comfortable. It’s certainly relaxing, hanging out on this little island in a placid, peaceful lake. The birds are singing, time is passing. Just… nice.

Incidentally, this is by the same developer who did On the Edge of Earth: 5000 and there’s also a commercial sequel, sorta. I’m not sure if it’s really a sequel, but that’s what he’s calling it: Lakeview Cabin: Collection